Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deep-Cutting?

Deep-Cutting is a method of cutting crystal on high angled diamond blades. This method is extremely tedious and painstakingly slow, but results in the most brilliant reflective sparkle and sharp, crisp feel.

Why aren't the others Deep-Cutting?

Much too slow for mass production.

So how come Kinsale Crystal can do it?

We don't supply trade. Our crystal is exclusive to our own shelves and website. We operate on a Craft-Shop basis, which means we don't supply any other stores etc. This means we are not pressed for time, working against the clock, etc.

Where do the Raw-Blanks Originate?

We source our own Blanks from Irish Master Blowers. We only use Full-Lead (33%) Blanks. Sculptured Crystal Ltd. based in Waterford city and staffed by ex Waterford Crystal Master Blowers, are our main suppliers. Only the original mouth-blown methods are used in the manufacture of these blanks. Hence each piece is unique.

How can I tell if my piece of crystal is genuine hand made?

One way is to check the signature on the base. If it is hand signed, that's good, but if it is machine stamped, it is probably mass produced. You can also sometimes find a seam, or a line that you can feel along the side of a piece. This indicates that the piece was merely pressed from a mold. But most importantly, quality hand crafted crystal will sparkle with its own inner fire and will be obvious to the eye.

How do your prices compare?

Because we don't have the large overheads, we can charge much less than the bigger companies.