About Kinsale Crystal

It is no accident that former Waterford master-cutter, Gerry Daly, chose the town of Kinsale, Irelands oldest town, to set up his crystal venture. Gerry longed to revive the formerly extinct method of deep cutting, a legacy we hold today.

Long ago in Ireland, way before mass production swallowed up the small one-man crystal craft shops, every single piece was cut with pride on high angled wheels. This method was painstakingly slow, but resulted in the most brilliant, reflective sparkle and sharp, crisp feel.

Armed only with a vision and a dream, in 1992 Gerry left Waterford and set off in search of a suitable location to fulfil his dream. When Gerry first arrived in the beautiful, historical town of Kinsale, he knew immediately that the search was over. This fascinating, quaint, old-world seaport with its narrow streets and spectacular coastal scenery was the perfect setting for Gerry's project.

Since then Kinsale Crystal has earned a high reputation among crystal buyers worldwide. Visitors to Kinsale can call in to our workshop and see for themselves the crystal being cut on the premises. The Daly family (Gerry's son, crystal cutter, Ronan and his mother, Anna) will be on hand to show the range and help you find the perfect piece.

Be warned, though, after you talk to us and see and feel for yourself the differences, all of your past Crystal Collection will be undermined.