Deep Cutting

Long ago, before mass production techniques were implemented, all glass cutters used very high angled edge wheels (90°). Because these wheels penetrated very deep and more glass was displaced in the process, it was very slow and time consuming to create an item. Waterford born Gerry Daly, whilst working for the Waterford Crystal factory, re-discovered the secret of deep cutting for himself.

Once a year, as an attendance bonus, some of the qualified cutters were allowed by the Waterford management to create a piece for themselves. So now, working back on his own time, Gerry discovered that if he re-profiled the cutting wheel edge, and brought it up to a higher angle (90°), what resulted was the most magnificent silvery sparkle. Also the finished piece had a very crisp, sharp feel to it. When placed next to the standard production range, Gerry's deep cut piece completely out-sparkled them.


So now the seeds of a new idea have been sown in Gerry's mind. "Would it be possible to go into business & re-introduce deep cut crystal to crystal lovers & collectors?"

The thought of leaving Waterford Crystal started to form in Gerrys mind.

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