Stemware & Tumblers

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Picture of Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler (10oz)
Picture of Scilly Tumbler 10oz

Scilly Tumbler 10oz

8.5 cm
Picture of Double Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler (12oz)
Picture of Scilly Double Tumbler 12oz
Picture of Highball  Tumbler

Highball Tumbler

141mm  Height
Picture of Scilly Roly Tumbler  9oz
Picture of Champagne Flute

Champagne Flute

240mm  Height
Picture of Scilly Double Roly Tumbler

Scilly Double Roly Tumbler

13 cm (5")
Hock Red Wine Glass

Hock Red Wine Glass

190mm Height
Picture of Scilly Goblet

Scilly Goblet

20cm (8")
Picture of Martini/Cocktail Glass

Martini/Cocktail Glass

185mm  Height
Picture of Scilly Red Wine Claret

Scilly Red Wine Claret

19cm (7.5")
Picture of Roly Poly Tumbler 9oz

Roly Poly Tumbler 9oz

Whiskey Tumbler? Stemless Wine? You Decide!
92mm Height
Picture of Scilly White Wine

Scilly White Wine

17 cm (7")
Picture of Double Roly Poly Tumbler (12oz)

Double Roly Poly Tumbler (12oz)

109mm  Height
Picture of Scilly Iced Beverage

Scilly Iced Beverage

16 cm (6")
Picture of Scilly Baby Brandy

Scilly Baby Brandy

9.8 cm

Picture of Shot Glass

Shot Glass

60mm Height

Picture of Scilly Brandy Snifter

Scilly Brandy Snifter

13 cm (5")
Picture of Water Goblet

Water Goblet

210mm  Height