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All of our products are available with any type of engraving you desire. Go ahead and challenge us :)

For example, we can have the artist sign his name on the piece for you if you desire.

We can also engrave a small date or your own name/initials on any of our pieces.

All of the above is free of charge

We can also have any customised image you can think of engraved on to the crystal itself.

For example, in the past we have had customers put their own family crest (coat of arms) on a piece...


And we can also have your own portrait engraved on a piece...


Basically, any image you request can be catered for and engraved on any piece. (customised company logo, portrait, family crest etc etc)

Go ahead and challenge us, we would be happy to accommodate your own personal request.

Please contact us with the details.

We offer this service in conjunction with Seán Egan Art Glass.


The best crystal & glass engraver in Ireland.

Seán uses traditional copper wheels and hand engraves all of his work.

Specialising in engraving nature, wildlife & landmarks...Sean can engrave any image on any piece.