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Electric Lamps

With crystal lamps, we see the refractive brilliance of cut lead crystal at its best. This is true of all makes of Irish crystal, but with the Kinsale method of deep cutting, the light reflects prisms in a way that has to be seen to be believed. We think that our lamps are something really special. Visitors to our Kinsale studio are often treated to a display by Anna of the illuminating qualities of our best selling candle lamp.

To appreciate the quality of the candle lamp at its best, we recommend a darkened room. Then, after lighting the candle and covering it with its shade, sit back and watch the display as tiers of flickering candle flames are refracted in the diamond like cut patterns, and every colour of the rainbow is dispersed throughout the room.

Also, please note that like all of other items, our lamps are available with any special engraving request you have. (for example we can provide a wooden base with silver/gold plate with text engraving for presentations etc. And we can also engrave on the crystal itself any logo or any customised image you can think of.

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