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The Kinsale Crystal range of decanters are cut in the Kinsale pattern to match our Kinsale stemware. We also provide, as illustrated on this page, some plain decanters with little or no cutting on them. We have observed over the years a growing demand for plain decanters. A decanter is always a well received gift, either on its own, or with some stemware. See our Gallery Sets page for some combinations.
Please note that all of our decanters are available with wooden bases and as part of gallery sets, with engraved name plates etc. Any special request can be catered for. For example, in the past we have engraved customised images like family crests (coat of arms) on to the decanters themselves.

Health Warning - Lead Containers:

During the late 1980’s, all lead food and drink containers were tested and examined for lead seepage. The F.D.A. decided after examining Lead Crystal, that not enough seepage occurred to warrant a ban. Instead they issued a warning against storing food or liquids for LONG periods of time in Lead Crystal (1 year or longer)

Please note: All decanter sizes include stopper

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