Kinsale Crystal

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Because of our exquisitely intricate designs, we regard every bowl made at Kinsale Crystal a test of skill. Because of their shape, crystal bowls are excellent for projecting the sparkle given off by our full lead, deep cut style of glass cutting. A bowl is usually the item favoured to test an apprentice glass cutter. This test is given after serving five years. Then after ten years, a more difficult bowl is used to test for a Master Cutter. This has become known as the Master Bowl. Choose one for yourself for fruit display or even a center-piece display. A Kinsale Crystal bowl will make an ideal gift for any occasion.
Also, please note that like all of other items, our bowls are available with wooden bases for presentations etc. We can also provide a silver or gold plate on the wooden base with engraved text.

Any special engraving & base request you have can be catered for.

We can also engrave on the crystal itself any logo or any customised image you can think of.....

If you have something in mind that is not shown, please get in touch and we will be happy to accommodate your request.