Kinsale Crystal

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Stemware & Tumblers (Original Kinsale Pattern)

The Kinsale Pattern range of stemware is very much admired by lovers of quality crystal & collectors world-wide. With our Kinsale (pineapple) Pattern stemware, you will greatly appreciate the quality and difference with our deep cut style. Not only does the intricate "Pineapple" like pattern cut on this  stemware look good, but feels good as well. The crisp sharp edges that characterise our style gives you the feeling that what you are holding is "quality". If you are already in possession of some of our Kinsale Pattern stemware, you know exactly what we are talking about. Mouth Blown (33% lead), Hand Cut (90° angle) and 100% Irish Crystal.

Never use a dishwasher to clean crystal, as this will dull and scour the crystal.

We recommend that crystal should be used. It is a shame to own, but not enjoy the experience of drinking your favourite beverage from a cut crystal glass. Quote: Gerry, "So many people swear to me that wine actually tastes better from crystal. I have to admit, although greatly biased, that I agree."

Also, please note that like all of other items, our stemware is available with any special engraving request you have. (for example we can include a name, date, initials etc if requested)