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Caring For Crystal

Caring For Crystal

To retain the sparkle, gently wash in warm water with a light detergent. Rinse also in warm water, dry and polish. Please be careful as most breakages occur during cleaning. Sudden temperature changes will crack your crystal. Never use a dishwasher, as this will dull the glass. Use a baby bottle brush for awkward pieces.

It is accepted that with genuine mouth-blown crystal, small seeds or bubbles can appear. Also, during the releasing stage, small threads of molten glass fall back on the item, to leave slight cord (water) marks.

Health Warning (Lead)

Storing food or drink for very long periods of time in lead crystal containers such as decanters is not recommended.

It is safe to decant fluids in crystal decanters, however, it is not safe to store fluids in decanters for more than 6 months at a time.

Photo - Anna Daly and grandson Eric Daly busy at work